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  Graduate Program in Animation – BSc in Digital Filmmaking

Bsc in Digital Media is a demanding program designed to meet the exacting standards of the Animation Industry for creativity, originality, and production values. The curriculum combines the very best techniques of traditional and digital animation training in a single dynamic program presented in a focused, interdisciplinary manner.

The program's learning environment simulates the flow of a creative film making process, transformations from script to screen. The program also develops every individual student into a capable team member with a respective specialized skill required for a global studio environment. Through classroom teaching and private mentoring sessions, experienced professionals instruct students in advanced digital environments and cinematic storytelling skills. During the course of their studies, students develop a professional-caliber portfolio.

In addition to its course requirements, the program calls on students to attend lectures, demonstrations and screenings as part of an extensive visiting artist series, which features noted animators, filmmakers, actors and various other professionals.

The enrichment of the educational experience at the WWI premises is based on five elements. The first is a self-motivated – the first step out, creatively curious students who are ready to break new ground. The second is an opportunity to nurture themselves under the outstanding guru's of art and technology who share their knowledge and experience with passion and generosity. Third, is the unique cross-pollination of the different cultures, blending them into digital art forms and disciplines. Fourth, is an extensive and constant nearness to latest trends and upgraded inventory of intellectual wealth. Fifth, and certainly not the least, is to nurture the individual's creative ability to transform the thoughts and idea into a modern day audio-visual formats. This generates a lively and highly simulating creative environment--one that allows every student to expand the scope of his or her cultural experience and, in the process, become a better artist.

By the end of the program, students have acquired the knowledge and expertise they need to work in the Animation film and television industry. Depending o¬n the talents demonstrated by each individual, students may hold a variety of positions: traditional & digital animator, visualizer, digital matte painting artist, storyboard artist 2D & 3D character animator, effects artist, modeling artist, technical artist, compositor, BG & Layout artist, rigging artist etc.

** WWI is the study center for BSC degree in digital film making through Bharathidasan University.

*Courses beyond 2nd July, 2014 will not be conducted on the current campus. Arrangements for new campus are underway and the same will be intimated in due course.

  • The course starts by learning the fundamentals of filmmaking, ingredients of audio-visual medium, principles of traditional art forms and dreaming ability.
  • Also it starts by developing skills on understanding various processes of creative & aesthetic abilities, visualization power and Drawing skills.
  • Emphasis is also placed on the ability to engage in constructive discussion and offer critical analysis of different film styles and techniques.
  • The course will make the trainee's master in both classical arts and digital finishing techniques. Life drawing, concept drawing, composition, character design, styling, color theory and 2 dimensional way of filmmaking constitute the major part.
  • Alongside mastering the pre-production to postproduction aspects, students learn Digital art form through Toonboom & photoshop , including the operating environment, Digital Ink & Painting.
  • The course will move towards the migration from two-dimensional skills into three-dimensional, with a focus on three-dimensional modeling, environment creation, animation, rigging, lighting, texturing, rendering, special effects and composition.
  • The course will focus on skill development through studio practical, assignments and demonstrations with respect to Drawing, various animation techniques, Creative thinking, and communication.
  • Then, in the second year of education, that is, in the fourth semester, they move towards further specialization in various areas of Digital animation filmmaking, Modeling, Rigging, Texturing and Lighting, Character Animation, Digital VFX and compositing.
  • The third year of education is subdivided in three parts. The first part is dedicated to the learning of concept art and design for animation filmmaking which includes idea development, script, design bible, storyboards, concept drawings, color palette, pre-visualization.
  • The second part is dedicated to fine-tuning the acting skills, expressions and character attitudes. Implementation of the skills acquired in to creation of a film in-group environment. Mapping of individual skill in to the group projects. Scheduling, group dynamics, following the direction, self-attitude and behavioral science are the major ingredients of this part.
  • The third part is completing the process of filmmaking from script to screen. This part will mainly focus on developing visual effects skills, sound and finishing skills to desired formats.
  • The Third year students also introduced to Animation production management, understanding the role of producer, preparing production plan, production team, the core departments, and how to track the production.
  • It will also stress on portfolio development how to use social media, website development, show reel development.
  • Each trainee completes two good projects in each year.
  • Three-fourth of the evaluation is through Assignment and practical during the semester, and the other one-fourth through exam at the end of each semester.
  • Three-fourth sessions are conducted by full-time faculty and one-fourths by visiting professionals and media stalwarts to give industrial relevance.

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